The director of the theatre of italian comedy  in Paris was inspired by FEMEN activity for a new anti-FN (Front National) play that is hitting the stage in upcoming months.

Moreover the director Attilio Maggiulli deposed brand “Jean d’Arc” giving the rights of ownership to FEMEN. “I deposed the name of Jean d’Arc to piss off FN and to support FEMEN” stated the director.

Well, we accept the unusual present with pleasure. FEMEN appreciates the irony but also the idea behind this act. From now on,  fascists from Front National need to find another symbol for their xenophobia,racism,homophobia and sexism. Jean d’Arc is FEMEN not FN!

We like to piss fascists off and we thank our supporters for helping us with this!


Read the motivation of the director here:





Inna Shevchenko

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