Training Camp
FEMEN- MLF – Alliance des femmes

In Paris, August 28-30, 2015


This summer, two generations of women activists decided to join their forces: FEMEN’s topless fighters and MLF-AFD’s militants in order to host and train aspiring activists, activists of tomorrow, and all those who want to join the fight, to continue, for the most experienced, and begin, for the newcomers, the revolution we all dream of. This boot camp, opened to any women upon prior registration, wants to be an introduction to FEMEN’s activism, and will draw on the experience of political struggles lead throughout the world by women’s liberation movement, past and present.
The program includes training sessions with several activism tactics, “think/act” workshops, debates of ideas, meetings and discussions, screenings of films and archives.

Join the fight! Every woman is a riot! United, we can make a revolution happen!

For more information and to register, write us at:

Inna Shevchenko

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