With abnormal disappointment, sadness and anger I have to confirm that
one of the FEMEN founders Anna Hutsol betrayed the ideas of the movement and its members by attempting to use FEMEN activity and the activists for enrichment.
Will explain all in details from my perspective.
Yesterday after a first in the last 2 years  protest of FEMEN in Ukraine, organized by Anna Hutsol and Ukrainian activists who have been part of the movement in Ukraine since 2009, appeared information that “the activists are not FEMEN, but fake” and that Anna sold the movement to someone. Such statement was made by one of FEMEN founders and ex-FEMEN member Sasha Shevchenko to a Ukrainian news website (http://kp.ua/politics/518858-sasha-shevchenko-pod-verkhovnoi-radoi-byly-nenastoiaschye-aktyvystky-Femen). Later I have been asked to react on this statement, that appeared to me bizarrely strange and even provocative. Therefore, I responded that the comment consists of a lie because the two FEMEN activist who participated the protest in Kiev, are the members of FEMEN since the beginning of activity in Ukraine and I am surprised by naming them “fake FEMEN”. I added that I can not confirm the statement that Anna Hutsol received money for actions and that such statement should be proven with facts or if not, simply not taken in consideration. (http://kp.ua/politics/518876-ynna-shevchenko-udyvlena-slovamy-o-tom-chto-pod-radoi-byly-nenastoiaschye-Femen). There were no barriers for my surprise and irritation by such not understandable and unpleasant situation.
Only this morning, I found out some explanations. Another historical Ukrainian FEMEN member Yana Zhdanova released a record of a phone call she had with Anna Hutsol on 8th on November. In this conversation, Anna says that there are “financial supports” that can allow activists to earn up to 1000 euros per action. Anna says that such proposition is for Ukrainian girls to renew their work within the movement. Hutsol points that she will not make such a proposition to international branches and foreign activists. When Yana asks if the money come from femenshop.com, Anna says that the shop is “the myth” and she found a new opportunity.
There are no borders for my disappointment by the attempt to use FEMEN movement for enrichment by the founder of the movement. There are no borders for my sadness for an attempt to use FEMEN activists. There are no borders for my anger for an attempt to erase all the bravery and courage, all the suffer and oppressions we already went and continue to go through for our activism, by such an ugly act as selling FEMEN actions.
I wish Anna Hutsol would use money of donators to help to develop international branches and support activity of FEMEN instead of trying to use activists and make such a dirty propositions to them.
FEMEN ideas and activity were betrayed by one of the founder of the movement. And to me, the thing that is worse than oppression is only betrayal. Nevertheless, FEMEN movement doesn’t betray its members and supporters. Our activity is transparent and honest. We go through many challenges such as arrests, violence, threats, tortures, inner fights and even betrayals. But isn’t this a prove of an authenticity and honesty of FEMEN..
Our movement is a modern time phenomenon and will remain so despite betrayal’s of some of its members.
FEMEN idea is beautiful and we are desperately in love with it, therefore, we will never allow anyone to question our idea or to use it for their own goals.

Inna Shevchenko

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