Pope Francis announced that he will make the infamous Mother Teresa a saint in 2016. My outrage couldn’t be bigger. Not only because once the ugliness of  corrupted megalomaniac catholic mafia rewarding its members with titles of saints strikes my eyes. But also, that this time, Vatican glorifies one of the biggest enemies of women’s emancipation and empowerment, Mother Teresa.
The woman, who pretended to help the poor by saying that “the poverty was a gift from God” and claimed to take care of women by propagating their reproductive mission as the compulsory, the woman who pretended to treat women in her staged hospital in Calcutta and fought hard against contraception, this way putting many of them in danger, Mother Teresa surely deserves the title of “anti-woman”.
With this initiative Pope Francis confirms again, the Vatican’s war on women. Naming Mother Teresa as a saint, Catholic mafia, attempts to make her and her ugly activity an example for millions.
 All  feminists, the truly saint women,  should entitle  Mother Teresa as “the enemy ” and oppose the misogyny and hate against women that breeds in Vatican’s walls.
 Empowerment to women!
Watch Hitch documentary on Mother Teresa activity:

Inna Shevchenko

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