“We bother the idiots, we fascinate the intellectuals, and we frighten the dictators”


Inna Shevchenko  is an activist, feminist campaigner, speaker and writer.

She is the actual leader of International women’s movement FEMEN, the worldwide known movement of topless activists that stage their manifestations against  patriarchy, especially dictatorshipreligion, and the sex industry.

Shevchenko is a high-profile activist and a campaigner. She was born in Ukraine where she grew up and studied journalism in Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev and worked as a press-officer of Kiev’s city mayor. She joined FEMEN in 2009.

In 2011 she and 2 other FEMEN members have been brutally tortured in Belarus by KGB after FEMEN’s topless protest in support of political prisoners in Belarus, Minsk.

In  2013 she was granted political asylum in France. Inna fled Ukraine right after her famous demonstration against union between church and state when she cut-down  with a chainsaw a 7-metre high Christian cross that was located in the centre of Kiev illegally. The demonstration initiated big debates. Main Russian TV channel reported a false information that the cross was a memorial for victims of stalinism.  After that, Shevchenko has became a target for death threats and the former Ukrainian  president Yankovich called for her arrest.

In France she initiated a transformation of Ukrainian FEMEN group into an International movement. Inna is curating the work of dozen of FEMEN branches from Paris where she established a training base for feminists activists.

In July 2013, Olivier Ciappa, who together with David Kawena designed a new French stamp depicting Marianne, stated  that Shevchenko had been the main inspiration for the depiction.

In December 2012, the French magazine Madame Figaro included Shevchenko in its list of the world`s top 20 iconic women of the year.

Shevchenko is also a contributor to international press as a writer and an often speaker at feminists, secularists and humanists events across the globe.


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