Manifeste FEMEN Couv HD

THE FEMEN MANIFESTO is released on 20th of March
Whether they are enemies of democracy or freedom, whether they tried to deflect our ideas, whether they tried to hijack its merits, or simply did not understand it well, it is to give them an answer and restore the truth that we created this reference document.
Being at the same time our right to a political answer, an ideological resource and an instruction manual for the future FEMEN activists, this manifesto will allow both our supporters and sceptics to better understand our intentions. It may become the bedside anti-bible of all feminist revolutionaries throughout the world, ready to engage in the struggle.
As a real political statement, the words complete and reinforce the images that made us known.
History, motivations, convictions, methods, sextremism, slogans, targets… Our FEMEN activists describe and analyse through this book the various aspects of their fights.
Considering that the action is impossible without the idea and the idea useless without action, we wanted to expose the thinking behind our deeds, to offer an extract of the hours of discussions that agitate our headquarters and ignite our training sessions, to allow to read the theory behind the slogans, the passionate conviction under our breasts.
We have carried these ideas in spite of the arrests, the threats, the personal obstacles, the violence of the regimes and the extremist aggressions. We have carried them alongside many ideological friends that died for these ideas. We carried them, risking our lives, and propagated them from Ukraine to the rest of the world.
And if we believe in the power of frontal action, sometimes spontaneous, in the street, collective and reckless, we are invigorated by an absolute ideology, constant and incorruptible. An ideology that will be here a manifesto.
Because today more than ever freedom of speech has to live,
Because our voices have to resonate louder than the shots of their Kalashnikovs,
Because worst than those who scream their fundamentalism, there are those who conceal their free thought,
This manifesto is affirmation, we are resistance.


Inna Shevchenko

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